Healthy relationships can be exciting, satisfying, and a great deal of fun, but when partnerships become rocky, they can cause a lot of issues both mentally and physically. Ending a bad relationship is rarely easy, and there may be sacrifices that need to be made. Despite how difficult this kind of change may be, there are numerous long-term benefits to your health that come once you put a toxic partnership behind you.

Unhealthy relationships spark numerous health issues

A healthy relationship can spark numerous positive changes in one’s health, but unhealthy relationships can cause a lot of issues with your emotional, mental, and physical health. Fox News points out that a problematic relationship can not only generate stress, but one’s immunity can be weakened as well. Bad relationships can also spike your stress levels, cause you to gain weight, have anxiety or sleep problems, and spark issues with depression or alcohol or drug addiction.

Putting an end to an unhealthy relationship may take a great deal of self-discipline, as it can be difficult to walk away from what you have and face the unknown. You may need to make sacrifices in terms of financial security or relationships with others connected to the partnership, and these types of sacrifices are never easy. However, if there are signs that your relationship is damaging your health, you need to face making a change.

Recognize the red flags that point toward a relationship being unhealthy

Healthy Place details that some red flags that point to an unhealthy relationship include feeling controlled, afraid, or inadequate. You may notice a lack of communication or emotional intimacy, secrecy and lying, signs of alcoholism or drug abuse, or issues of insecurity with either you or your partner. Of course, if you experience issues with emotional, psychological, or physical abuse, you need to end the relationship.

Knowing that you need to split with your partner is one thing, but following through and having the self-discipline to stick with it is another. The sacrifices that need to be made may feel overwhelming, but Break the Cycle has some tips for recovering and moving forward. As they point out, it is okay to feel sad about the end of your relationship, but remember the reasons for the split and don’t second guess yourself. Reach out to family and friends who will support you and help you focus on new experiences and try new activities, hobbies, or foods to distract you.

Going forward, focus on positive changes and self-care

It may be tempting to maintain contact with your ex, and Psychology Today notes that many exes do go on to maintain contact to some degree. However, it is important to develop self-discipline to avoid this when the partnership has become toxic. It can be easy to get sucked back into that unhealthy place, but focus on the positives about being out of that problematic partnership and practice some self-care. You will likely start to feel your overall health improve, and that should become a big motivator. You should begin to feel better and less anxious, and you may realize that you are embracing healthier eating and exercising more.

Use this life change as an opportunity for a total restart. Take a mental health trip to clear your mind, escape from the daily grind, and get a fresh perspective. The trip should focus on relaxation, so give yoga, meditation, or exploration a go. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn to surf or try your hand at pottery. This trip is about you, so do what feels right. If you aren’t ready to jet off just yet, minor changes such as a new hobby or finally painting your room the teal blue you’ve always wanted can be the reset button you need.

Healthy relationships can add great joy to your life and enhance your overall health, but unhealthy relationships can seriously damage both your mental and physical health. Know the signs of trouble and when you come to realize that you need to end things, do your best to look beyond the sacrifices that will need to be made, and create a new life for yourself filled with self-care, new activities, and a solid support system. It may take some time, but the health benefits to ending a bad relationship will soon motivate you to keep moving forward.

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