Choosing a career path is an important life choice, but sometimes that road changes as we travel it.  So many factors can have an impact on your career and many of them are unavoidable. Hitting a career setback can make or break us, depending on our outlook and drive.  

Some people may not handle this setback well and blame the system, the company, or others.  The ones who can take the setback and turn it around by figuring out how to improve their situation and make themselves better will be the successful.  And out of this trial by fire is sometimes born a new idea.  

Why continue to plug away for someone else when you can start your own small business?  An idea with a passion and drive to succeed behind it can prosper and become something great.  The first few years could be tough, but if you believe in yourself and your idea, you can make it work.

A new business will take time, commitment, energy, and resources.  Before you commit, make sure your business idea is feasible.  Your business idea should cater to a market demand or need.  Make sure to ask yourself honest, tough questions about whether you can market your idea well enough to entice consumers away from possible competitors.

Think about your ability to solve problems and get past hurdles on your own or with limited resources. These skills will be necessary to keep your business alive.  You may not even turn a profit for the first few years, so you need to be prepared financially as well.

Being your own boss can be exhilarating.  Office politics and hierarchy can be a thing of the past, and you can often make your own schedule.  But remember, you will also be responsible for all the little things and menial tasks that you might not have had to worry about before.

Once you have a great idea and get mentally prepared, you can start making a business plan.  Do research to find out what resources you will need to start your specific business.  Make sure you pick a niche that you can focus on to set you apart from other businesses in your market.  Then document your business’ objectives and goals for the short and long term. Write down your strategies for achieving those goals and which resources you will need to use in the process.  

Figure out an appropriate, but clever name for your business that will let people know what you are offering and make you stand out from the crowd.  Your name can be your best marketing tool.

Once you choose a name, you will be able to take care of important business-related paperwork.  Insurance, licensing, and permits will all require your business information once you get it in order.  

You will also be able to set up a website.  A business website is an excellent and necessary tool for all small businesses now.  It will be a great marketing tool, a way for clients to locate you, and an easy way for them to pass your information on to friends.  You can also set up client appointments and list new products or merchandise via your business website. There are several ways you can go about setting up a website- for help, you can go here.

Starting a business will be hard work, but achieving the goal of working for yourself after a career setback will be ultimately rewarding.  Just do not give up!

Photo via Pixabay by Pixeldimensions